Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where Did October Go?

Let's cut to the chase. The biggest news bulletins in my life:

  • November is going to rock. I'll be done juggling both of these jobs and will be ready to take on the challenges of full time ministry. I can't wait. I'm sad, really sad, to be leaving the Cleft Palate Institute, but it's for the best (for them and me).
  • I suffered a big disappointment recently. I'm not going to go into it, but please pray if you think of me as I try to wade through the sludge.
  • Aaron turns 30 this weekend. Hello, fellow 29ers? Are you hearing this? 
  • We're doing something special on Sunday with him to celebrate, and I'm super excited.
  • Our friend Tom, who has served with me on the Grace PowerPoint Team FOREVER, gave a very generous gift to Dave and I. He gifted us with two tickets to see "The Sound of Music" in Toronto. It was an honor to receive a gift like that. We're gearing up to spend 24 hours or so in good ole' Canada. Awesome.
Have a great weekend everyone!


j*amy said...

AHHH AARON'S 30!??! AHH! :)

rachel said...

have fun in canada!

said a prayer for your disappointment... hoping your ok.