Monday, July 27, 2009

Seth Godin is "Right"

Seth Godin is a man after my heart. He takes "issue" with the "weird" quoting found all over the place. I don't know if it's because I "read" Unnecessary Quotations, but they stick out like a sore thumb lately. So, no, Seth, you are not the only one. It drives me "nuts."

@loribaily got me thinking, too. Grammar excellence is the last thing I think about when promoting events and designing communication pieces. I'm usually so manic about the design and strategy, that it leaves little time to proofread and refine. Grammar and spelling should definitely come up higher on the list.

I constantly judge products based on what the ads look like and how they communicate. I shouldn't expect any less of a person looking into our church. If I'm not going to buy something because they use Comic Sans and quotation marks, people should assume our church is full of idiots when they see a typo in the bulletin.

Boom. Roasted. I can't believe I roasted myself.


Lori said...

Yeah, it made me think about someone who doesn't follow Christ sitting in a chair and thinking, "If they got that wrong, how can I trust them to be right about more important things?"

Anonymous said...

If I saw a typo in a bulletin I would assume it's because it wasn't very high on on someone's priority list or else he/she was rushed; not that the staff are idiots. But maybe that's because I work for an under-staffed, over-worked publishing company and typos happen more than we'd like to admit.