Monday, November 16, 2009

Really, Google Voice?

When I heard about Google Voice, I was super excited because I HATE listening to voicemail messages. The biggest draw for me was that Google will "listen" to the message and send you a text and and email with the message typed out. I assumed there would be some words that would be messed up, but I didn't expect THIS:

my message:
"Hey it's Brandi. I wanted to find out if you would watch Candace on Friday when I go to a movie. I'll talk to you later. Let me know."

google voice text interpretation:
"Hey it's Brandon to find out if you would be overlaps Janet 91. It would be, but I'll talk to you late. Asking head back."

Sounds like a bad spam email. Bummer - I really wanted to stop checking voicemails.


Molly said...

Can't stop laughing. I mean, what?!?!

josh cody said...

Might I submit a couple of my own as well?

"...was just calling to you to give you some feedback on that because I need. Whatever it was. They, and, half, Jake, I have them. P F T files level of the web."


"Hey Josh, Chris over at springing just checking in with you. See if this is see if y'all had side. Whether you're gonna do the Do, The, The, The, pronounce that you wanted."


"I'm calling you a little trucks that way because I'm actually heading back to Atlanta and I'm analyst you think it's Chris, It's a for a wedding tomorrow right now. I, I. Anyways, and I got you."

amy grace said...

oh man, that's awesome. i love it. hahahaha! i want to use this just cause it's so funny.

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