Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lusky Family: Brian, Rachel and Chloe

Had a really fun maternity photo shoot with these guys today! I am officially excited to meet Chloe Grace...I can't believe how quick this is all happening!

I'm just putting a few up here as a "sneak peek" for Rachel. More will be on flickr soon!

I call this, "We are the hippest parents ever invented."
Subtitle: "The Luskys: Bringing the Sass since 2000."
And I like the sunlight/flare in the middle. I usually don't, but it works here:

And this is when I started crying uncontrollably.
I took about 10 pics without seeing what I was doing. Good result, at least:

I love how this is framed. It's just perfect, to me:


"Hello? Is this Jack Bauer? Yeah, we're available for active duty ASAP."
Too bad I LOVE this photo:

Aaaaaand I love this:

I think this is the best "heart on belly" shot in the universe:

In other news, I felt Chloe's butt while she was kicking Rachel. AAAAAAH! Amazing.


amy grace said...

YAYAY! awesome. :) :) great pics! plus this got me super excited for you to do our wedding pics!!!!!!!

rachel said...

I love these here just as much as I said on Facebook :) thank you so much again!!