Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A while back, I was playing the game Portal with my friend, Brian. His goal was to teach me how to play a PC video game, but I was distracted by the story line. About five minutes into the game, I could tell where it was leading and what was going on, which completely distracted me from my task of learning. In fact, I still don't remember "how" to play, I only remember the story line. He blogged about my "incredible sense of foreshadowing" the next day.

He's not the first one who has noticed that.

A while back, I made a (bad) habit of yelling out things like "she's weird," or "he did it" when watching a movie. Now, I just find myself rolling my eyes at the outcome before my friends have any idea what's going on.

I started the Twilight series last week. I'm about 400 pages into book two, as of last night. The problem is, I'm almost 100% sure I know what is going to happen and what is going on (and not because someone told me). I really hope I'm wrong. We'll see. The one thing about me, though, is that I commit. I'll finish it. Even if I do know the ending. Just ask Aaron . We've committed to many a bad movie together, waiting for one or both of our spouses to realize how horrible it would turn out to be.

I don't want to read to much into it, but I think is a silly side effect of the discernment gift I have. I can usually read people pretty well. Sometimes, I will feel completely awkward in a situation and afterward I have to explain to Dave why. It's frustrating to realize things that other people don't, but it can also be a blessing. I only wish I had a better measure of compassion to go along with it.


aaron said...

Can anybody say DRUMLINE???

Jenna said...

first (b/c i am easily distracted). i always wanted to see drumline, but didn't. i am a sucker for a movie with a beat. it's a bonus if there are no white people.

two. ohmygosh. i just had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday who is so way more than me. and you sound like you have the same gift/curse. do you find yourself involuntarily analyzing your friends with like freakishly good accuracy?? it's usually okay when she's right, but when she's wrong, my inner ghetto-talk-show-thirteen-year-old says "you don't *know* ME!" (yeah. there's chicken head involved.)

okay. i'm done now. just thought i'd see how molly's bff was doin'.

Jenna said...

ohmygosh again. the word verification is i-kid-you-not "scanke"

j*amy said...

awe, i liked drumline...

yeah, you're like of the characters in the book...i guess...hahah!

i had an idea of how the series was going to end...then i was stupid and read something online about it, so it was confirmed and i know like a whole bunch more than i wish i would have. but it's helped me i think in not getting to crazy into, i am way too crazy about it.
maybe i'll finish new moon tonight and get the last two cause i need them still! should i pick you up some copies??