Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three Reasons I Appreciate Pastor Derek Sanford

Bear with me. I'm trying to win him this.

Inspired by his new blog theme , I'd like to give you three four quick things I appreciate about Derek:

  1. He is passionate about Jesus and making Him famous. He especially loves doing this through and for people who are struggling and need to be served.
  2. He is a visionary leader who also happens to be very organized. I remember many a time when the two of us were positively giddy over a newly organized booklet or binder.
  3. He is, by far, the second-funniest person on the planet (Dave is number one, of course).
  4. He is a wonderful and loyal friend. 


j*amy said...

yeah, those are two very funny people. yay derek!

Susan said...

Agreed. :-)

Derek said...

you're awesome -thanks.