Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Here's a small sampling of photos I've taken over the past year that never saw the light of day. They've been trapped in folders and on memory cards, without edits or the benefit of a bit of Photoshop. This is my way of saying goodbye to 2008. So, goodbye,'s been real.

You best get ready, 2009. I'm going to rock your socks off.


Dave said...


Without a shadow of a doubt, THAT was my highlight of the year.

Kelly said...

happy new year!


j*amy said...

hahah, those were awesome pics! i want to comment on certain ones...but i don't remember, so i'll try...
- your nieces are so cute!
- loblaws. HA!
- cute pics of rach in the leaves!
- awesome laughing shot at the end
- owen was eating eli's ear. or was eli eating owen's...

Barb said...

I'm telling you you have a great talent in photography! Happy New Year (dear God, please let it be a happy new year...) Love you,mom