Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Realized Something About Myself Today

I've had a couple of rough days and my immediate reaction when the stress mounted was to start doodling. I'm a major doodler, but going to paper and markers to let out some frustration was weird: weird because it was automatic...like breathing.

I have never considered art to be a way for me to vent.

So I'm left to wrestle with these questions:
Are my regular artistic abilities (and duties) suffering because I subconsciously consider creativity an outlet for stress? How can I expect my product to be excellent when the process to getting there is linked to tension and pain?


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I don't know but like your doodles

Kristin Lynch said...

Hey Danielle:

I don't necessarily think this is a problem. I would think that most artists regularly use their chosen media to as a way to release stress. A guitarist slams out something on his/her guitar, a sculptor might take out their stress on a helpless hunk of clay. I don't think their art suffers as a result.

I wish I had a more productive and creative way to alleviate my stress!