Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dads Rock

So yesterday was really crazy. I was planning on meeting Kelly's dad at our new place to talk to him about tile on the kitchen back splash and how easy/difficult it would be. The next thing I know, he's showing us how to treat the walls, and cut off molding and caulking. I was having a mini panic attack as he was talking because I didn't know how I would do it all. I kept making terrified faces at Kelly every time he turned around to show me something else. I just kept thinking, "This is not my house. I do not need to increase their property value. This is temporary." He kept talking about how nice it would be to have it exactly how I want it, even if we're only there for a short time. He's right. I've never taken the time to customize the places I've rented, even though all of the landlords have been fine with it. Plus, it will be a good learning experience for our own house.

The really awesome part?

He's at our new place, as I type, doing everything he talked about.


I mean, it is not often that you run across people like that in your life. I could see immediately that he is 100% servant. I was really apologetic and nervous at first, because I didn't want him to feel trapped into it. When I finally went home and thought about it, I was really humbled by his offer to take on the project.

He called me this morning to see if he could go over whenever he wanted, and I just started crying because, I don't know, I just see qualities in him that I know my dad has. I know that my dad likes to help me, and he's really skilled. He just doesn't have the mix of confidence and servant's heart that comes with knowing Jesus. I want my dad to know Jesus so bad it hurts sometimes. The funny thing is (if you know my dad), I honestly believe that he is the one in my family most open to Christianity.

I can easily get into a routine with my family where I'm not being intentional about loving them and being a good example. I need to be better about that. It's been a lonely journey.

I'm so thankful for Kelly's dad, not only for manual labor, but because he reminded me that I have a dad that needs Jesus.


Blythe said...

i really liked this post.

can't wait to see pictures of the place and those changes!

also, do try the pork recipe. :) it's so easy and delish.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like chris's dad, who's done so much work on our house. dad's are hard to figure out, believe me I KNOW! I'm emailing you my phone #.

aaron said...

I can see you are talking about Kelly's dad. I am truly blessed to have him as a father-in-law. I really appreciate those kind words....of course I right this as you are all over there painting right now and I am sitting here......

Lindsaysoprano said...

awwww.Your Dad has Jesus in his heart somewhere, and I hope that by watching you he will open up even more.