Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Can Has Packers?

The number one thing I hate about moving is PACKING. I don't mind lifting furniture, driving trucks, cleaning, or even unpacking. The act of packing everything into boxes and bins drives me up a wall. I have some theories on why it vexes me so:
  • I feel guilty about all the things I've collected/purchased/saved.
  • I feel 100% overwhelmed from the time the first box is packed until the day we move.
  • I cannot pack without organizing and purging. While this is a good exercise, it can cause tension. I'm not a "keeper," I'm a "tosser," and Dave is exactly the opposite. We need to find a middle ground.
  • I don't know HOW to pack WELL. I try to fit things in boxes like a puzzle and pack things that go together, but it's never good enough in my opinion.
  • I don't like asking for help. I absolutely hate sending the "will you please help us email." I don't ever want people to feel obliged, but I also want to have a fun day with my friends.


Kelly said...

i feel your pain. oooohhh do i feel your pain! i'm about to get on the moving wagon next month and agree with 90% of what you said. from moving so many times i've finally learned how to pack well though. practice makes perfect i suppose.

rachel said...

I'm there - anytime to HALP with packing, painting, de-wallpapering, moving, etc. When you know certain people are available, sometimes you just have to be the one to let them know exactly where and when - because people aren't sure of your schedule and how Candace affects things :)


Kristie said...

wellll I know you don't know me but you offered to help me with moving stuff so I'd love to return the favor. I ordered moving boxes online that could probably be re-used if you're interested. Let me know.

j*amy said...

1) when are you moving
2) i'd love to help [unless it's this weekend....]
3) i just unpacked my 730 pm on a weeknight...ugh, i as so awfully overwhelmed...i didn't finish putting all my clothes away [the ones that had been sitting for about 2 weeks...maybe more..., however, i did finish, and my room is looking a little better