Monday, January 14, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Dave and I had a busy weekend. On Friday, we watched Eli, Owen, and Emma (all under 4). We took them to Chick fil-a to eat and play. I don't have kids, but I do know that when you are faced with THREE at once, you need to tire them out as soon as possible! It was really fun. Our friends Mike and Sheila were there and they invited us for dinner on Saturday night.

On Saturday, we finally moved in to our house. With the impending move to Cincinnati, I stopped unpacking. After that, Christmas was coming, so I continued to ignore the boxes. It ended this weekend, when it was time to remove all of the decorations.

Dave and I have two very different styles of cleaning/organizing. I tend to focus on an area or project and finish it, then I move on to another thing. Dave is of the school that bounces around to every room finding different things to do in each one. At one point, I looked up from my pile and saw the kitchen, living room, office, and bedroom in complete disarray. However, to Dave's credit, they were all fine by the end of the day.

Sunday was neat. Neat? Whatever, I'm leaving it. Sunday was NEAT. Church was awkward. I think we need a new way to have baptisms...and low lighting in the worship center. Lunch lasted for three hours because our server was ridiculous. We got free dessert out of it, though. Mine was nasty, but all of the others were awesome. Do not get caramel pie at O'Charleys (unless you want to eat a jar of caramel poured into a crap pie crust with whipped cream on top). My teeth still hurt. After lunch, we went to Target to buy some shelving, pillows, and lamps (all things we've needed since we got married: pathetic). We also went to Brian and Rachel's house to play Rock Band and watch HP Order of the Phoenix in HD. It was beautiful, and the first time I've noticed a MAJOR difference watching something in HD.

Our weekend ended with taking out garbage and hanging shelves. I'll post pictures soon. The transformation is almost complete. Also, Dave and I have too many photos in frames...and too many frames. Someone please help us.

Today, I need to go grocery shopping and then finish some cleaning. Blah.

Also, what about the last HP movie in two parts? Thoughts?

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nikki said...

2 parts = twice the money?

Hey, it's Monday. I'm pretty pessimistic about everything.