Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Can't Wait to Sleep

A huge blessing was bestowed upon us and, long story short, Dave and I are going to buy a grown up bed (finally). I don't know how we've lasted so long without a proper frame. This is what we currently have as far as bedroom furniture goes:

This is the bed we think works:

Any thoughts?

I'm going to try and convince him to go to Pittsburgh tonight. I know...instant gratification, much? Maybe we could even go to Chipotle. I just don't want to wait until the weekend because I feel like my weekends are always filled with traveling. I would love to be at home and finish the "De-clutterization of 2008" campaign.

Speaking of jerks at the car dealership, Dave and I had to go to BIANCHI HONDA in ERIE, PA to pick up our spare key last night. We had the car serviced before our mega road trip and were never given Dave's key back. How could that happen you ask? Well, Dave dropped the car OFF and left his key. I picked the car UP and had my key. Therefore, I never even thought about the fact that I needed a key from them (I know, stupid, but I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off).

So, the people told Dave that it is against their policy to give back a car without the keys. The mechanic gave him the "aww you're wife probably forgot she had it" speech. They dismissed Dave without any help whatsoever.


So, needless to say, today I'm giving the manager the "aww you forgot Verizon saves voice mails for 40 days" speech, as I play him the sound of his mechanic asking me to come back for the key that they didn't give me.

I'm not paying for a new key.


rachel said...

that's crap about honda.... and i think that bed is gorgeous but i worry about feet hitting the footboard. i know brian hates beds like that for this reason becuase he is 6' 1"

so NOT cool said...

I think that the bed goes well with the furniture that you already have. I like the way that the dark frame plays against the knobs on the furniture. Now, I am curious about the other colors of your room, like bedding and walls.

No room, except my laundry room, is completed in this house and I moved here four-plus years ago. I have to stop letting myself become so overwhelmed by the process. It's a long story, but I obsess over it daily.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I agree w/Rachel on the footboard thing. I don't have one either. I have a the Lewis Fabric headboard from Pottery Barn and can change out the slipcover...I LOVE IT!!!! I do like the bed though.

Chipotle rules!!!

nikki said...

i love that bed. that's the bed jason wants us to get. we're not ready for a grown up bed. i mean, we're totally ready, but we just keep putting it off. what am i talking about?

i miss you!!!