Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flickr Test

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I'm just testing the flickr blog feature. I'm thinking, if this works, it will make my blogging a bit easier as far as photos are concerned. From what I can tell, you can only do one photo at a time.

I should probably talk about this picture, too. It's one of my favorite spots in the house right now (minus the ironing board, grr). To the right is our bookshelf, organized by color. Straight ahead is the best investment I've made: a keep calm and carry on poster. Directly below that is my r.s.v.p.design organization station!

So, yeah...it's cute.

I'm excited to have my own home one day so I can go crazy with all the design ideas I'm saving. Our house is going to be really cool (I hope!).

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

I love that poster: where did you find it? I think I need one!
(My verification word was 'mymba'. I find this hilarious: I work at a Graduate Business School, and we provide MBA courses!)