Friday, March 7, 2008


I saw this on a blog I love and really wanted to make some people do it, but I probably have to do it myself first, so here goes:

4 Jobs You've Had Party Supply Store Clerk - This was probably the worst first job anyone could have had. The manager who hired me quit after about a week of me being there and this horrible, lazy, fat woman was put in charge. She sat in the back room all day and her horrible fat sister came over with buckets of food every day for lunch. They literally made fun of me (16 years old) almost all day. Needless to say, I soon quit that job. My irrational love of paper was the only thing holding me there.

Wegmans Front End Clerk and Service Desk Rep. - I was a really fast checker, so I soon moved up to the Service Desk. I really liked it until I was accused of stealing. It was really vague and weird. I wasn't actually accused. It was just hinted at. The thing was, I was asked to stay and be a checker again (and handle a drawer of MONEY). I don't know man. Anyone who knows me knows that it is a laughable and ridiculous accusation. I sometimes wonder if they ever found out who the real thief was (if there even was one). After about a month more of checking, I quit.

Cleaner Person - Basically, I went into offices after hours and cleaned. It sucked. Mainly because I was always too scared. I wanted to get out as fast as possible...ugh...I hated it.

Youth Director - Lead the Youth Group at Grace while they looked for a permanent replacement. It was the most difficult and most awesome thing I have ever done. I loved it. I just generally felt that it wasn't my long-time calling, though. In the end, I think I was right because we now have a person in the position who is perfect.
4 TV Shows I’m Watching American Idol - I cannot tell you how glad I am that Danny Noriega is off that show. He was driving me CRAZY! I mean seriously, did you see him picking his nails during the elimination? How immature can you get? And, also, thanks for making it impossible for me to listen to tainted love without seeing your horrific hip thrust.

Barefoot Contessa - I've said it before: I love her.

Project Runway - It's over, but I had to include it's so amazing. I'm going to try and catch up on previous seasons.

Ace of Cakes - Most hilarious show. If my friends had a business together, this is exactly how it would play out.
4 Places I'’ve BeenHaiti - Mission trip with people from Grace. That was probably the most terrifying week of my life. I saw everything from kids playing to human heads on stakes. I'm not even kidding.

England (from Manchester to London) - Dave took me there as a surprise and proposed. Crazy.

Highway 101 (Portland to San Fran) - Absolutely gorgeous. I would do it over in a heart beat. Except, I would make sure we had real plane tickets so we weren't stranded in an airport for three days.

Minneapolis - This is my favorite place to visit. Hands down.
4 Music Artists I’m Listening To Right Now Red Hot Chili Peppers- Dani's my anthem (thanks, RockBand).
Casting Crowns - From the Altar to the Door
Passion Band - God of this City
The Killers- courtesy of RockBand
OK, now 4 people I choose to do this (I will not be mad if you ignore me):


so NOT cool said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I see your tag and will post this by Monday or so. Looks like a fun one. Thanks!!

P.S. We were so happy that Christian won PJ although I was a big Jillian fan too.

Molly said...

if you can tell me how to make mine look cool like yours, i'll do it.

Anonymous said...

haha, David Noreaga, or however you spell that, yes thank you America for voting his skinny pants off! What was his deal anyways at elimination, the other weeks he could be seen crying rivers in the background! And then he just picks his fingers. ok I'll do that with my next blog! Yours was pretty entertaining to read!