Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Weekend with Candace

carousel, originally uploaded by DanielleSuzanne.

One positive that has come out of my sister making really bad choices is more time with my niece, Candace. She is pretty much the funniest 1.5 year old around. Dave and I spent the weekend with her and it was really great. It was nice to give my parents a break. She had a weekend in the life of Aunt Danielle:


  • Meeting at Becky's house: "NO Doggie!"
  • Home for PowerPoint (nap) "Where's Uncle Dah?"
  • Get Uncle Dave from work
  • Dinner with Uncle Dave, where she thanked the server every time he came to the table. "Tank OO."
  • Uncle Dave dropped us off at home for bath time and night-night.
  • Up at 8am. Not bad.
  • Creative Team at Panera where she laughed at all the stupid ideas, right on cue.
  • Brian and Rachel's house to see kitties: "NO kitty!"
  • Waiting for Uncle Dave.
  • ZOO! It was one cent for every degree, so 30 cents for each of us to get in. Fun. She especially loved the Polar Bears and the Otter. Well, and the carousel.
  • Lunch at Wegmans.
  • Church to work (nap in the nursery).
  • Home for PJs.
  • Aaron and Kelly's house to play with Eli and Owen before bed.
  • Up at 9am. Awesome! "(finger on lips) Shh...Uncle Dah seepin."
  • Church.
  • Grandma's house.
Sorry if you're bored. This was really for my own enjoyment. Also, there are a few more pics on flickr if you aren't bored.

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For some reason I was under the impression the zoo had been closing in the winter there due to financial reasons???