Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Paper

Paper Source has some new stuff I've been eyeing. Here are some of the offerings:

I love anything Vera Wang does. Here are three cards she designed (and by "she," I mean the team she hired, of course):


See more here.


Anonymous said...

wow those top scallopped ones are sooo beautiful. what would you use something like that for?

Anonymous said...

oh, i'm stupid. they are cards. i get it. they are so awesome.

the weird thing though - it would almost ruin them to write in them cu the writing would show through? or am i not look at them right?

Danielle said...

no, you're looking at them right. yeah, you'd definitely see handwriting.

j*amy said...

i agree. i love vera wang - ok, her perfume....but that stuff too.

i just got the paper source "brochure" in the mail. looks cute.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I love Vera Wang...saw her on Oprah and she said that even thought she is a size 8 she ALWAYS wears a 10 because she likes to be comfortable. Glad to see someone in the design business that isn't HUNG UP on a # of their size.

Blythe said...

the orange-background one is my favorite.

no, i didn't get the email that followed rachel's, and i haven't gotten an email from your invitation address either.

thanks for letting me know about it, though! i hate when there are problems with correspondance.

Anonymous said...

Hey D-my email is, so email me! I feel your pain. How long has it been?