Friday, April 18, 2008

Speaking of Consumerism...

I am pretty sure that I need a new eyeglass prescription. I'm probably going to have it checked out at one of those cheap-o places that give you a free exam. Any of my friends who have accompanied me on this journey before know that I AGONIZE over choosing glasses. My face is so weird. It's really difficult for me to decide on frames. I get easily overwhelmed thinking about how it's a necessity AND and accessory that I wear EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. My heart beat is quickening just thinking about it. :::breathe:::

This year, I think my search is complete before it even starts:

These particular ones are from Visionworks, but I've seen similar at different places around town. Thoughts?

Here is my other issue: I need prescription sunglasses. My eyes are really sensitive to the light, and it's difficult for me to drive in the summer. I'm not doing the Duane Wayne. I can't stand it. If I go to one of the 2 for places, I can just make that my other pair, I think.

As for my "stuff," I want to find a program that will give my glasses to people in need. I think that would be a good way to recycle them. I'll probably donate them to this charity. Anyone know of others out there?

p.s. my husband is psychotic.


j*amy said...

i LOVE those glasses! the first pair are my favorite. they look like ones i tried & bought from lens crafters, then i was told they look too "big" on my face, and i returned them for other ones, that i absolutely hate and never want to wear. because of this, i also want new glasses, and think i need a new prescription as well [even though i just got it done last year]. i think my eye sight is getting worse quick.

Anonymous said...

these all look very nice. i have hte same struggle, and actually was telling kristin 2 days ago that my perscription was too weak and i needed to look into glasses again. it's been like 1.75 years i think now since i got my current ones (which i was really frustrated with the quality of the whole way round). I already tried on and found a pair at walmart i loved about a month ago - they have a similar pattern on the earpieces, but also some little sparkles - cute.

anyway, the problemw ith glasses is you can think you love a pair, then you put it on your face and you realize it looks ridiculous, too big, too small, weird, odd, crazy. FACE + GASSES SSUCK.


Lora said...

Our local Lions Club collects used eyeglasses to be recycled. If you have a Lions Club up there, they may do the same. Take a trusted friend with you to get your glasses-one who is brutally honest.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog ,D. Now I never read your husband's blog, but I also found that an intriguing read!