Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Watch this video when you have 20 minutes. It's really worth it.

Let's talk about it.

Here's my take, if you're interested:
  • I'm not an environmentalist. 
  • I am not convinced of global warming, because it seems like global COOLING is becoming an issue. 
  • Consumerism is bad. I'm a consumer...a big one. I don't want my worth to be in the stuff I accumulate.
  • As a Christian, I believe it's my duty to be a good steward of, not only "my" money, but of this earth as well. It's really every one's duty, Christian or not, but I think a lot of Christians ignore the problem because it's tied to liberalism. That's a shame. 
  • It's also a shame that environmentalism is becoming a new religion and a powerful business. Can this be done without that happening?
  • I can't believe that God would be displeased with me because I showed extra restraint in the areas of money, waste, etc. 
  • Is it possible to be a responsible consumer and a Christian Republican? For some reason, I'm made to feel that it isn't.


Russ Hutto said...

Good video. Very eye-opening.

My take:
-We need change, no doubt.
-The government isn't responsible for paying for my every want and need.
-In this day and age I like a big military.
-We need sustainable.
-We all should find small ways we can make differences in our OWN situation first.
-Personally, I think partisan politics stink...But I do believe you can be a responsible consumer with conservative values.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to finis the video yet, but based on your comments...

I do feel environmental to a certain extent, although I could be much more so. This last two years it has been super important to me to recycle, even though some seem to think it's not worth it. I've also done some energy lightbulb switching, although I know there is controversy there. I wish there were more things I could afford to do to make our home more energy efficient, but for an older home, its not too bad.

It is great you show restraint with money and waste, and I think you are absolutely right about being a good steward of this earth. God didn't give us "rule over the earth" so we could abuse and strip it of everything it provides us. YOu should absolutely be able to be a responsible consumer and a Christian Republican, and it is sad that the two have become so separated that it seems they can't walk hand in hand.

My question is, how do we as average people who can't afford the most energy efficient homes, cars, and appliances, make a global impact and not feel discouraged that we aren't doing more? Are the little steps enough? I often feel frustrated that being "environmental" in "big" ways can be so pricey, and is just not possible for our lives at this stage.

Kristin said...

Girl, if I would write something on this topic - my bullet points would be the same as yours. That was well said. I don't know the answers either.

I kind of roll my eyes when i hear of global warming. I have yet to figure that out (why I do that). But I do. And I'm okay with that.

Now I feel like a bad person.

Okay byeee!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I do care about waste and consumerism. I've always done my part to recycle and reuse things and not be excessive with "stuff". I want to be a good steward of what I have and not make a mess of the earth (or my house). But now this all this eco-business global-warming crap you can't even be responsible without being labeled a green liberal yuppie. And then the government gets involved...oh boy. Hey, I'll use incandescent bulbs if I want to and if I switch to 5-year halogen it will be because it's cheaper not because I'm forced to. Ok, I'm rambling...sorry.

Anonymous said...

my thought on the video? liberal propaganda (big goverment=good, successful corporations=bad) wait, I thought govt's 2 purposes were to protect the land and to issue currency? and don't corporations create jobs?

Anonymous said...

What if we started the "conservative consumers" kinda like "compassionate conservative". I think I hear a trend coming on! I do agree with that for the most part, and I'm guilty of it myself. There was a lady I saw on the news once who bought only essential things she needed for a year, like food, toothpaste, and saved like $10,000.

Danielle said...

We SHOULD start something...

Anonymous said...

Russ - Good Christians = Big Military so that we can shoot everybody to Hell? How bout trying to work with people instead of shoving our beliefs down their throats?