Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 Inspiring Men

Here are five men who have been inspiring and/or guiding my work as of late (whether they know it or not). I shouldn't hog them. Check them out:
  1. Matt Donovan: logos/identity, creative process, photography, and for leading me to the next name on my list
  2. Joshua Blankenship: brand, strategy, taking an entire organization through a huge transition and living to tell about it
  3. Abraham Piper: words, blogging
  4. Seth Godin: communications, marketing
  5. David Choate: design, fun with type, pushing limits

Tomorrow? You guessed it: the women.

1 comment:

Matt Donovan said...

wow. 4 men I don't feel worthy of being grouped with. Thanks for the compliments! Well - except for Seth Godin (small p'tatuz).