Thursday, July 24, 2008

8 Ways to Save Money on Event Stationery

(this is a re-post and adaptation from my old beautiful papers blog)

Of course I am biased here, but I would say that paper goods for your event are one of the most important investments you can make. Whether it's a wedding or baby shower, a well thought-out invitation design will do a great job to set the stage for your celebration. The downside is that it can be expensive to get invitations, place cards, etc. custom designed and printed. Oh but people, there is an upside. Here are some tricks to making it more affordable:

  1. Budget, Budget, Budget: When you talk or email with your designer, make sure to give her a price range that you have in mind. This will help when designing the piece, and you won't fall in love with something that is too expensive for your budget.
  2. Use one color, and use it well: Some of the best invitations I have seen have only incorporated one color. If done well, it creates a very bold and dramatic look.
  3. Size DOES matter: Ask your designer to figure out the most economical size for your particular design. A good designer will know the methods of the print shops she works with.
  4. Envelopes Shmenvelopes: Skip the inner envelope and use specific names on the outer envelope. This could also save weight on postage.
  5. Google Maps is the best: instead of a separate piece with detailed directions, include a small card that leads to an online map.
  6. Dancing Queen: For a wedding, you can include a line about the reception right on the invitation (unless it's a majorly formal event).
  7. Addressing: instead of hiring a calligrapher, have a friend with good handwriting help you out (or, GASP, use labels. News flash: not many people care. How many wedding ENVELOPES do you see hanging on the fridge?)
  8. Return Address: Your designer should be able to make a file for you that can be made into a rubber stamp, using your font. Just take it to a place like Copy Max or Kinkos. The stamp can be used on the actual invitation and the reply card, if there is one. Or, ask your designer to create an address label that includes your return address.

I guarantee that you will be glad you set aside a little bit of extra money in your budget for this. At least promise me that you won't dismiss the idea without talking it over with a designer first. Most of us just want to make beautiful things. I know for me, that if I can work within a pre-existing budget, it makes the whole process easier.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Aw, man! I wish I'd talked to you before I got married!

Hey, let's have a sermon series having to do with Mamma Mia so that you can do an awesome video featuring "Dancing Queen"

j*amy said...

yay! or hire [ask] my dad to do your calligraphy...he's gooood!

i want to get married so we can plan invitations and decorations! hehe

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about the birth announcements, can you email me a general price range, say if I ordered 40-50?

Anonymous said...

p.s. Matt Donovan: the 4th Jonas brother?