Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road Trip + Minneapolis + Chicago =

A LOT to blog about!

(and a lot of photos to edit)

Dave and I left on July 5th for Minneapolis. I'll let him tell you about the road trip experience (he already started) and Chi-Town. I'll say this though: it was a really fun drive and we didn't listen to the radio, CDs, or iPod at all. I was shocked. We talked and laughed a ton. We needed it a ton.

The week at the Piper complex (that's what I'm calling it from now on) was awesome and just what I needed. I loved waking up at 9am and just going slowly about the day with no real schedule. We did fun things, but it wasn't action packed insanity (as per our usual, which I do love). Here's a quick run down of some favorite moments with pics following:
  • Experiencing Orison: holy cow, hilarious.
  • Meeting Molly's doctor.
  • IKEA run.
  • Mini golf.
  • Making "the cake" (and taking pics of every step, ahem).
  • Paper Source run with Molly, and being assaulted by the rain.
  • Dinner with Karla.
  • Upwords.
  • Making our own, mac only, internet cafe.
  • Fogo de Logo.
  • Visiting the cemetery.
  • Bowling at the U of M (St.Paul).
  • Ice cream overload.
  • Dinner at Pastor John and Noel's house.
  • Successful Pineapple Mojito making. 
  • Helping Molly finish up Felicity's scrapbook.
  • Breakfast before we left.
  • Stopping by to say an impromptu goodbye to Orison on the way out.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the two churches we visited on the way home and how the experience changed my outlook on ministry. 


Dave said...

dave the magnificent.

LOL. that is a pretty stinkin hilarious picture.

so NOT cool said...

What a great selection of photos, Danielle. I love the shot of the table and the guy looking through the glass. Your photo skills are awesome. :)

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. At first, it appeared that we'd be busy that day as theother23 was scheduled to leave town on Sunday morning and we wanted to get in a lot of family time. Then, he needed to put out some metaphorical fires in West Virginia, so he left on Saturday morning instead. That day, X and I laid around the house and were totally lazy. NEXT TIME FOR SURE!!!

j*amy said...

pineapple mojito!? that sounds awesome. so does going to paper source, and ikea, and just visiting those awesome pipers.

yay! can't wait to look at all the pics!!