Friday, July 18, 2008

Doner Wedding Photography

I just finished weeding through almost 1000 photos from a wedding I shot in June. I've had some requests for more, so here they are (in a completely random order)!

Bryan, Jamie, and the kids who were in the wedding:

These two were hilarious. They wanted their pic taken really bad:

Place cards (made by yours truly):

Look out Baptists, there's dancing a foot:

Jamie's Dad has the most photogenic face:

Just after the kiss:

I LOVE this one:

Quiet moment together during the reception:

Their first dance rocked. It was so much fun:

During the message:

Doesn't this look like an old movie marquee or something?:

This shot brought back memories of my wedding (it was in the same room):

The guys:

Nervous (and beautiful) bride:

Flower girl:

When their friends and family are done viewing and ordering, I'll make the flickr set public so you can see all of them. Have a great weekend!


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Those are brilliant photos: and I love the veggie/non veggie place cards too! ~x~

Anonymous said...

wow, Danielle... great job! The photos are wonderful!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Those photos are incredible. I'm diggin' her dress, too!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I found your site through Molly's and I just wanted to say that your work is brilliant! I hope you don't mind but I sent your contact info to some girls getting married in your area next year :)

Jenna said...

there is no shame into linking to molly's post about you. do it! one of the first times molly and i hung out, i was all, "i have a confession. i really think i'd like to be friends with danielle." (i had seen your comments and peeked at your blog.) anyways, i think you had me at your blog title. love that song. my blog title is a song, too, but it's from "this is spinal tap". less meaningful, i know, but a funny thing to me.

have a supah-dupah day.

jimmy said...

These are GORGEOUS!!! I especially love the picture of the guys, the composition is awesome, and the high key of the bride by herself is brilliant! Well done!