Friday, August 1, 2008

5 Inspiring Women

Here are the five women who have been inspiring me and my work lately. They are great. Check them out:
  1. Molly: to be honest, I have no idea how she does it all. Period. I want to be like her, because she is like Jesus.
  2. Abby Smith: I love everything she designs. I can't get over some of it.
  3. Kem Meyer: She does my job at Granger Community in Indiana (a lot better, but still).
  4. Design Crush Kelly: I love her daily inspiration. It's refreshing.
  5. Lindsey Janies: Her wedding photography is gorgeous.


rachel said...

lindsay's photography is unbelievable - i've been looking at it for a while too.

I also love Jessica claires:

and Stacy Reeves:

i can't wait to check out the granger girl!!

Kelly said...

so glad you enjoy my posts! thank you so much for the mention. :)


Lindsay said...

Hey Danielle - I sent you an email to your "church email account" re possibly doing a logo for our church - did you get it?

p.s. love love love your blog :)

Lindsey Janies said...

Hey guys! Thank you so much! That makes my day that I've inspired your work! Thank you again! Happy Friday. ;) And if you ever have any techie questions, leave me a comment and I'll shoot you an email back when I get a chance!