Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Envelope Sizing and Information

(this is an update from a post on one of my older blogs)

When I began the process of designing invitations and announcements, the one thing that frustrated me the most was figuring out which envelope to use when and what size to use with which paper, etc. I've compiled a small list of the most popular sizes in my experience. Hopefully, this helps you. There are two different types of announcement quality envelopes that are most popular: announcement text and baronial.

This first one is announcement text, the second is baronial:

Baronial envelopes are formal style envelopes with a large pointed flap. They can be used for invitations, announcements, greeting cards, and anything that needs an added touch of elegance. They are usually made of more expensive papers. Announcement text envelopes are designed for use with matching text and cover papers. You can usually find a paper that matches exactly. These are still appropriate for special occasions.

Here are two charts that show the most standard sizes and then the ideal size for an enclosure. The enclosure doesn't have to be exact, but these do indicate the best, clean-looking fits. Feel free to click for a larger view and save each image for your own use.

You should always double-check postal regulations. Depending on the weight of your piece, there may be additional cost involved, so take one to your local office and have it weighed before you make too many. Sometimes, it is just a matter of trimming a piece or using a lower weight paper to bring down the cost.


j*amy said...

woot! envelopes are awesome. for valentine's day [sorry to be cheesy, but it has a point] i made josh a card and made the envelop. i had to print out some sort of "template" from online, but it came out cute. i say if you are making a homemade card, home-make the envelope too! and i mean when you are making 1-5 cards. i wouldnt want to make more envelops than that!

j*amy said...

i spelled envelope / envelop different every time i wrote it in that comment. but firefox is saying both are spelled right!!!

Danielle said...

that's because envelop is also word.