Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Migraine? SERIOUSLY?

I don't have much to say other than the fact that I had the worst migraine of my life yesterday and am, therefore, one day behind. I was in bed until 4:00 pm (not a typo). It was a bummer because we had Candace overnight and I wanted to do something fun in the morning, but I ended up calling my mom to come get her at 9:30. I hope she won't be traumatized from watching me cry on the couch until my mom got to my house.

Ugh. Migraines are horrible. If you don't have them, take a moment to rejoice.

I'm going to catch up on work, rather than blog. Please forgive me.


Anonymous said...

I remember when the kids were little and Tim was working 2nd shift, I had to have him come home because I was so sick. I watched the clock and crawled up the steps to bed just before he got there.

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry danielle. i wish i could take that pain way from you. i know they are horrible. well i don't know, but i hear. :-(

Lora said...

They now have drugs to stop the headache at the first sign. Have you visited your neurologist? Would be worth investigating.

Boki Mame said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine D. Mine are triggered by foods. Things with lots of nitrates give me a migraine. I have to stay away from canned beans and veggies. write down what you ate up to like 48 hours before the migraine hit and do the same next time you get one. You may find something in what you are eating triggers it. Caffine and nicotine (any stimulant) constricts the blood vessels and can help lessen the effects (as migraines are caused by over-expanded blood vessels in the brain putting pressure on it). See, smoking does have a benefit. lol

Anonymous said...

you obviously did not try my concoction of 1 sinus medication and two BACKAID pills...it sucks, dude.

Danielle said...

kelly - who the crap has sinus meds and backache pills at their disposal? i mean, hello?! ;-)

lora - i haven't been evaluated since high school, so i probably need to get on that.

boki - for me, they seem to be brought on MONTHLY and also by stress. and snow peas (i know).

j*amy said...

migraines suck! i get mini-migraines from caffeine / coffee withdrawal. sucks. [but i have had migraines before. awful]

Jill said...

Danielle - I understand your pain. So sorry. I've suffered for many years monthly with the 5-day migraine. Tried every drug my neurologist and PCP gave me and none worked. Progesterone cream did help immensely though. Hormone headaches are just a different animal. Let's talk.
-- Jill M