Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Internet Has Changed My Life (Yours, Too)

I have been freaking out lately (in a good way) about the internet. I cannot believe how much it has changed the way I do things. Here are just three examples (I could probably list 100):

  1. I can stay connected with my friends/family whether they live near me or not (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.).
  2. I can learn about new ideas, techniques, and trends for ANYTHING.
  3. I "rub shoulders" with the best and brightest in my field. It's insane how much I can learn from these geniuses in a day. 
How have the interwebs changed your life? 


rachel said...

All the reasons you said, as well as just making me not feel.. alone. There's always someone out there to communicate with which is really nice. I've also met some friends, and am able to share photos and all kinds of stuff so much more easily.

my struggle with it all is this - with so much to DO and lEARN on the internet, i find i don't have enough time in a day to truly digest it all. i end up doing more skimming then reading, and due to my job i'm really not allowed to be internet surfing at all. how do you balance "learning" and "staying in touch" with being "personal time" and wasting time? And can all that time be justified to a boss?

Boki Mame said...

I have connected with many old friends that I had lost touch with. I am a youtube and instructables addict for work and play (mostly play), but i really am not a "shoulder rubber". lol
yo D. you are not looking for a 9 to 5, are you? one of our graphics guys just left and i think they might be needing a replacement.
p.s. type in 'apache seebach" into youtube. it is rotfl funny

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Completely- it's actually insane! Especially for people who move really far away (ahem, us) from all their friends & family! However, it's also terrible with people having easy access to pornography and all other kind of junk. It's amazing and it's horrifying all wrapped up into one tidy little word- internet.

Lora said...

Not too many years ago, when we wanted to know some obscure fact, we looked it up in the encylcopedia. Know I say, "I'll google it." YOU CAN FIND EVERYTHING-you just have to filter through what is right & what is wrong.

georgie said...

My recipe collection just grew to about oh say a trillion thanks to the internet...I mean you can find anything out there-sometimes there isnt enough time in my day to look-up or read what I want

saw you over on PW so i clicked

Noel said...

I would never be doing the kind of writing I enjoy now if I had to go to the library or buy obscure books for all my research.

the Jennings secede from the South said...


I'm so glad that I finally got to meet you for real-for real tonight! I looked for you after church but I think y'all had already left. Your niece is too cute. I was going to ask you 2 things after church:

1. do you do the programs?
2. do you do the videos?
3. I saw Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 today. (more of a statement, really.)

OKay, I hope I see you soon!

Derek said...

connected me with really old friends.

Brent said...

Isn't it hard to believe that something like the internet exists? If I think back even to when I was in elementary school, something like the www would have seemed like pure science fiction. Now even my 80 year old grandparents are surfing the 'net (well, at least they are on ebay)