Friday, March 6, 2009

30til30: Day 10

I have 30 days until I turn 30, so I thought I'd try to choose 30 moments that have helped shape who I am and want to be. Coming up with the list has been challenging...and enlightening. These are in no particular order.

10: The first time I went to Insight.
When I was in high school (and for a few years after), Grace had a bi-weekly youth extravaganza called "Insight." Basically, it was a church service for teenagers...hundreds of teenagers. A lot of my friends were always there and one week, I gave in and went. I literally was never the same again. My most vivid memories from the first Insight I attended:
  • Feeling the presence of God in a corporate gathering for the very first time.
  • Looking around at my friends and thinking, "HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN ABOUT THIS?!"
  • Listening to Derek and thinking, "This guy is going to change Erie forever."
Memories from Insights over time:
  • What will happen next? (specifically, Matt Donovan biting into a huge head of lettuce)
  • Family Boxing Match (again, Donovan).
  • The Underpants Song. It was the beginning of the end.
  • The Golden Fish Award Ceremony.
  • Praying and commissioning Seniors to go out and be a light wherever they were heading.
  • Fashion. Through. the. Ages.
  • Amazing worship.
  • Life-changing talks from Derek.
How it shaped me:
  • I met Derek Sanford. For those of you who know him, that statement says it all.
  • Some of the most talented leaders at Grace (and in other churches) came through that ministry. I work and have worked with a bunch of them.
  • Through Insight, God placed a burden on my heart for using my creative gifts in ministry. Granted, the form of that creativity has changed over time, but it's always there in some form.


rachel said...

insight was truly something unique and never-replicated. i would give anything to just go back one time and experience another one.

jendakerr said...

I have heard so much about that ministry. I wish I could take 16 year old me back and check it out.

emily althof said...

my husband just became a youth pastor and i catch myself trying to figure out how derek and everyone were able to do insight so well. it was amazing and rachel's right unable to be replicated.

j*amy said...

oh yes. insight was awesome! i loved what will happen next...and underpants? oh my gosh. that was an experience.

love you!