Wednesday, March 11, 2009

30til30: Day 15

I have 30 days until I turn 30, so I thought I'd try to choose 30 moments that have helped shape who I am and want to be. Coming up with the list has been challenging...and enlightening. These are in no particular order.

15: St. John's Lutheran Church
I grew up going to St. John's in Erie. Looking back on it, it was the place I got my foundation in leadership and love for ministry. It's incredible how God can work even when you aren't in a place to do anything about it and don't realize the plan. Random experiences and memories:
  • Playing basketball.
  • Selling food at basketball games with Mike Boam and becoming fast friends.
  • Sled riding at Camp Findlay and getting the wind knocked out of me.
  • Being the youngest member of "Council" (it's like an Elder Board, but more like a Deacon Board). 
  • I wrote St. John's mission statement. I don't even know if it's still the same.
  • Leading the large group gathering at Vacation Bible School when I was in middle school.
  • Taking a trip to New Orleans for a youth convention right after I had become a Christian. I was probably the only one NOT interested in Bourbon St.
How it shaped me:
  • St. John's showed me the ugly side of church. I don't think they've changed, based on the things that are still going on. I witnessed the people there straight up ruin people's lives for no reason other than to remain powerful and hold on to money.
  • St. John's showed me the awesome side of church community, too. I had relationships there that are still strong today. Some of the people were awesome at caring for others. If they'd focus on that strength, they would be unstoppable.

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